• Spotlight on Global Asset Classes

      Discover Pioneer Investments’ views on global asset classes in a context of accelerating growth and inflation. For 2017, we see little value in core government bonds as yields are expected to trend higher. Global Equity is our favourite asset class in a reflationary environment, followed by Core Credit. Selective opportunities in Emerging Markets fixed income and currencies.
    • Investment Outlook for 2017

      The low growth/low inflation scenario that has characterised the last few years is set to give way to a more scattered and economically heterogeneous phase with inflation moving modestly higher, particularly in Developed Markets. In this new dynamic scenario, we believe investors should embrace an active and risk aware mind-set based on 5 major investment themes.
    • Macroeconomic Outlook 2017

      We believe that a new economic growth and inflation narrative will dominate in the coming twelve months. The global economic environment is set to become more dynamic with global GDP growth projected at 3.6% in 2017, but regional divergences will also widen. The effects of Trump’s policies on the US economy and geopolitical equilibrium, a more active fiscal policy in Developed Markets, and in some Emerging Economies, combined with a busy electoral cycle in the Eurozone will likely shape the investment landscape in 2017.